Pets Lifeline 2016

By: DogTrekker Staff
Dogs at Pets Lifeline 

Meet Sean and Connery. Wandering homeless through the streets of Sonoma County earlier this year, these two Chihuahua-mix BFFs were in rough shape. A skin condition had left them itchy and raw, and their feet were in such bad condition they could hardly walk.

Luckily for them, though, they landed at Pets Lifeline, where much-needed medical attention and lots of love restored them to the happy, healthy little stars they were meant to be. They’re both the kissy and snuggly type, and Sean is a big fan of toys. 

Now these two pals are looking for a lifelong home together, and they’re prepared to make it worth your while with their entertaining antics. They love chasing each other around the shelter’s play yard, but would be even happier to take it to your house. If you’re looking for companionship on your next intrepid adventure (or neighborhood walk), look no further than these guys.

Since 1982, when a group of dedicated volunteers founded Pets Lifeline to address the lack of shelters and rescues in Sonoma County, it’s been a lifesaving resource to the hundreds of critters each year who find a safe haven and forever homes. And thanks to the group’s free spay-neuter services, dog-training classes, humane education programs, summer camps and more, it’s a better, happier world for the community’s animals and those who love them.

Photo: Connery and Sean – Pets Lifeline


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