Water Safety and Your Dog

By: DogTrekker Staff
Dog in green life vest

Some dogs love swimming and splashing. Labs, poodles, Brittanys and other hunting breeds seem born with an instinct to seek out places to get wet. But other dogs don't like water at all, may not have learned to swim and may not be comfortable on boats.

If your pooch falls into that category, it’s best to introduce him safely and gradually to the water and the rocking motion of the boat, and to outfit him with a canine flotation vest, or doggie life jacket. This device could save his life if he falls in, and it’s also good insurance for dog-paddling in deep water. A brightly colored vest also helps you keep track of Skipper while he’s running around on shore. With that and a spot of sunscreen on his nose, you're good to go on a houseboating vacation with your aquadog.

Photo Credit: @mademoizealous


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