Why We Are Thankful!

By: DogTrekker Staff

Our team feels blessed to have spent another year following our mission of leaving no dog behind, whether in a shelter or when the family hits the road on vacation. Over a half-million Californians used our channels—the DogTrekker website, newsletter, Paw Press and Rescue/Adoption Blogs and mobile app—this year to plan travel or search for their next forever dog or dogs.

Fire rescue
Photo Courtesy: San Francisco SPCA

Many of our destination partners suffered significant losses from the devastating fires that ravaged Northern California this past year. When we asked you to support rescue and adoption organizations within those communities, you responded and contributed. You also gave to the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles rescue/adoption agencies that provided much needed support. When we invited you to return to those destinations after the smoke had cleared to support their communities, you did. Thank you for your support.


We also want to thank our team of Vet Buzz veterinarians who have provided valuable tips and seasonal guidelines twice a month through the DogTrekker newsletter. Whether it’s caring for an elderly dog, holistic approaches to health care, the dangers of toxic algae blooms or tick and rattlesnake warnings, our Vet Buzz contributors have you covered. Sign up for the DogTrekker newsletter if someone passed this email on to you.

Looking ahead to 2019, we will continue to follow our mission, providing fun things to do with your pups, more interaction with you and other DogTrekkers, better photos and video and more focus on family travel, including the four-legged members, of course. We also will continue to provide hundreds of local fun things to do through our events pages as well as insightful stories and articles in our Vet Buzz and Rescue blogs. Here’s to a happy and safe 2019!


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