ARF 2016

By: DogTrekker Staff
Dog at ARF event

Meet Milky Way, prospective companion for your DogTreks to infinity and beyond. He's a young kelpie mix—which means he's got a lot of energy, and a mighty brain that needs to be occupied. He's also a little too interested in chasing cats and small critters, so he seeks a home without them. In return, he offers a lively curiosity, a goofy sense of fun, and loyal friendship for life.

This stellar guy is just one of the animals currently awaiting their forever homes in the loving care of Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF). Besides providing a safe haven to dogs and cats in need, ARF offers support and education to the community to help pets and those who love them.

Currently they're helping the next generation of animal lovers learn more at Camp ARF, which offers age-appropriate, in-depth activities to help kids from preschool to high school learn more and make a difference. All sessions offer a chance to interact with ARF's Pet Hug Pack®, plus crafts (like making treats!), games, and lessons. Participants can prepare for future careers at Vet Camp or Shelter Animal Care, or get hands-on training as a volunteer at ARF's JV Club class.

Registration is now open for summer camp sessions. It's all about making this a better world for Milky Way and his fellow stars!

Photo Courtesy: ARF