Dog daze of summer!

Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino.
Use or the DogTrekker mobile app to finds beach websites, park phone numbers and directions. Read more.

Waggin’ Trails Rescue Foundation 2018

Not long ago Phoebe (black) and Henry (blond) were tiny puppies, facing a bleak future in a rural California shelter with few resources and little foot traffic. Luckily for them, the shelter called on Waggin' Trails Rescue Foundation in Huntington Beach, and things were quickly looking up. With volunteers around the state, Waggin' Trails came to the rescue fast. Read more.

Huntington Beach Dog Beach, Orange County

• Huntington Beach Dog Beach, Orange County. This salty-dog paradise encompasses a 1.5-mile section of a 3.5-mile-long beach that seems plucked straight out of a surfer movie (no wonder Huntington Beach is nicknamed Surf City USA). You’ll find yourself humming a Beach Boys tune as you and your pup immerse yourselves in surf culture. Read more.

Stay in Surf City – Explore the OC

Huntington Beach is a “pawesome” place to visit with your pooch, but it’s also the gateway to hundreds of other adventures throughout Orange County. Of course, if you choose to get a dog sitter for the day, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and Angels Stadium are nearby. Want to stay on the coast? We get it: you love the beach. So if you want to hit the road but still play along the coast, we’ve got just the place. Read more.

Surf City USA, Gateway to the OC

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Huntington Beach with your pooch, you might be inclined to get comfortable and not leave the city. After all, when it comes to pup-friendly restaurants, services and a dazzling Dog Beach, Surf City has you spoiled. But try not to get lulled into the local beach vibe too much. Orange County has plenty more for you and your four-legged friend to explore. Here is a local road trip that’s sure to please. Read more.

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