Feather Falls Loop Trail

Feather Falls Loop Trail

Don’t leave your camera behind. Feather Falls National Scenic Trail offers you an incredible view of Bald Rock Dome, Bald Rock Canyon, and the 640-foot waterfall, Feather Falls.

The trail to the falls forks about a quarter of a mile down the path. The lower trail to the left is shorter at about 3.5 miles, but more difficult due to occasionally steep elevation changes. This trail is primarily downhill to the falls three quarters of the way. The final quarter is primarily uphill.

The upper trail to the right is about 4.5 miles and makes the trip to the falls much more gradually. The trails join again just before the final three quarters of a mile climb to the Feather Falls overlook.

Allow a minimum of four to five hours to hike the nine-mile loop. Take plenty of water. Safety fences near the falls are there for your protection, do not climb over them.

Be Aware: Remote area (Bring a first aid kit). Poison oak is very common along the trail.