King Mountain Open Space

King Mountain Open Space

Marin County Parks Open Space Leash Policy: Dogs on leash are welcome to enjoy trails. Dogs are allowed off-leash under strict voice control on fire protection roads. Please follow posted rules.

Marin County Parks Open Space Preserve

This 108 acre preserve on the slopes above the town of Larkspur is composed of three separate pieces of land.

The northernmost parcel (which is roughly bisected by the Citron Fire Road) is the scene of an ongoing battle between the dedicated volunteer corps known as the Green Gorillas, and a host of tenacious invasive, non-native plants.

It is not uncommon to visit this area and find one or more of these hard-working folks sawing down an Acacia or Eucalyptus tree, or pulling broom plants.

This area was slated for development at one time, and in some places you can see the curbs and sidewalks that remain from this failed effort.

The west end of Citron Fire Road leads to the King Mountain Loop Trail, a public trail easement that crosses through private property, circles the top of the mountain, and intersects the Contractors Trail leading to Larkspur Creek.

These trails (although not actually on the preserve) are considered the heart of the King Mountain, as they wind through quiet forests relatively free of the non-native plants that cloak the lower slopes.

The Contractors Trail re-enters MCOSD property just above the Dawn Falls Trail.

Hiking south on this trail leads to the adjacent Blithedale Summit Preserve, the trail to the north leads up the canyon to the Baltimore Canyon Preserve.

Take the Sir Francis Drake Boulevard exit west towards Fairfax, turn left at College Ave, turn right at Woodland Road, turn left at Evergreen Drive, and turn left at Ridgecrest Drive.

• Parking: You may park on the side of the road in the residential neighborhood. Note: Parking is only permitted in the white-outlined spaces.
• Fee: None
• Water: Shops near, but you should bring your own.
• Best time of the year for this hike: Beautiful all year.
• Degree of difficulty: Moderate
• Distance: 3.3 miles
• Hours of operation: Sunrise to Sunset
• Leash rule: Dogs may be off leash on fire trails as long as their under voice control

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