Lake Shasta Caverns

Lake Shasta Caverns

Lake Shasta Caverns National Natural Landmark is a geologic adventure for your whole family. Take part in a robust and comprehensive tour to see the caverns and lake in their glory. Along the way, you might see local animals, like bald eagles, mountain lions and black bears! Take a virtual tour of the caverns today.

Currently Lake Shasta Caverns allow small dogs to go through the tour as long as they able to be picked up and carried through sections to ensure the safety of the animal and other patrons.  Service and ESA dogs of any size are always allowed.

For larger dogs, there are several pop-up kennels in an air conditioned apartment with water and treats from the owners. Dogs in the kennels are continuously checked on, talked to (and sometimes adored) by our staff to be sure they are doing well.

A trip to Shasta Caverns is ‘Three Adventures in One!’ Enjoy a scenic catamaran cruise across Shasta Lake, a fun bus ride to the cave entrance, and an information-filled tour of what some geologists consider one of the most beautiful limestone caves in the USA! the entrance is only 20 minutes from most Redding-area lodging properties. Allow two hours for the tour, including boat and bus rides.

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