Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

The Lazy Dog has cold beer, hot chocolate, incredible food and great music, making it the place to be in town. They even have a dog menu! It's the perfect environment for everyone, including your furry family members.

Stop by for a quick dinner with the family, a meandering meal with friends or a night out on the town. 

The Lazy Dog welcomes your pooch to their patio dining area. Please be respectful of the rules below so that we can continue to do so.

• Please do not place your dog, even a small one, on the table, in your lap or on a chair. (Because the Health Department says so.)

• Avoid the "Three B's": Begging, Barking & Biting

• Your canine friend can't eat off your plate or drink from your glass. Lazy Dog has special bowls just for them.

• Your Lazy Dog server is not allowed to touch your pup while working… It's nothing personal!

• Dogs must be kept on leash and be within reach of their owner at all times.