Fall Trekking in the SLO Lane

San Luis Obispo County encompasses just about everything California is known for, from mountains to ocean to wine country to laid-back vibe. Sure, you can shoot down from the Bay Area on Interstate 5 and Highway 46, but it’s much more rewarding to take the slow lane (Highway 101) all the way to Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo and beyond. Read more.

Woods Humane Society 2016

You couldn't ask for a better friend and companion than Scrabble here. Also, you really need that face to greet you when you get home from that hard day at work. Scrabble's a German shepherd/collie mix, and true to his gene pool he's a smart, energetic, and loyal dog. At 5, he still has a lot of puppy energy, and he's looking for an active family of folks who love to explore the great outdoors with him. Scrabble is currently enjoying the hospitality of Woods Humane Society in San Luis Obispo. Read more.

SLO trekking with your dog

San Luis Obispo coast. Photo by Visit California.
San Luis Obispo is a great jumping-off place for DogTrekkers who'd like to visit Paso Robles wine country or romp on a beach. Read more.

Traveling the SLO Lane With Your Dog

Fun at the beach. (CC) SLO dogs in the fast lane. From Ragged Point in the north to Pismo Beach in the south, the San Luis Obispo County coast is a dog-friendly wonderland loaded with things to do and places to stay with your pup. Along the 70 miles of Highway 1 that hug it, you’ll encounter everything from secluded tide pools and shimmering coves to classic SoCal beaches packed shoulder to shoulder with surfer dudes, bikini babes and dogs with jaunty bandanas around their necks. Read more.

Dining with Daisy in SLO

Bella dining out in Paso Robles. (CC) Diane Main So long as the weather is good, which is 90 percent of the time on the Central Coast, visitors with dogs will have no problem finding a place to chow down at an outdoor table where Daisy can relax, too.  In downtown SLO, head for Luna Red, across from the mission, which offers fine dining with outdoor seating for dogs and their families. The menu changes seasonally based on supply from local farmers and fishermen. Outdoor dining is complemented with views of the mission, and of course your happy pooch at your feet. Read more.

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