Jessica’s Haven

Back in 2008, serendipity struck when Laura Cottingham and Laura Hislop took over a dog kennel in San Rafael—and Hislop's daughter Jessica, who had some disabilities, didn't care that much for people, but loved animals, was in heaven. The dogs loved her right back, and Jessica's Haven & Rescue was born as a place for kids and adults with disabilities to spend quality time with dogs, most of whom need a bit of extra nurturing (like puppies or shy dogs) or medical attention before they find their families. It's good for the dogs, who get to soak up the love, and it's good for special-needs folks, who also get to soak up the love, and learn responsibility for themselves and others too. Read more.

Make it a family affair in Marin

Photo by Marin Country Mart.
Marin County it’s been said, has a larger population of dogs than of children. Whether that’s urban legend or fact, residents are definitely known to dote on their four-legged family members. Read more.

SUP with your pup

Stand-Up Paddle-boarding has caught on big-time with canine passengers as well as the people who do the paddling. Most dogs love to ride along, although it can take some coaxing at first. Whether you own your own board or are a first-timer, you’ll find instant community at 101 Surf Sports in San Rafael, a sponsor of regular outings on which everyone has a dog on board. Read more.

Farewell My Friend

My dear Abby; we started off with a skirmish over a newspaper and quickly became the best of friends. I will miss you terribly but will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge! Farewell my friend. Love, Kayla Read more.

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