Four ways to a happier deaf dog

Photo by Anna Kumpan.
There is a funny trait of many owners of deaf dogs. They tell me, as I talk kindly to their deaf dog, “My dog can't hear you,” and then they look really irritated when I continue to prattle along lovingly to their dog as I take him into the treatment room. Read more.

Keeping the Holidays Safe for Dogs

By Chris Pitts, RVT, of Broadway Animal Hospital. The holidays can be stressful and full of temptation for pets as well as people. Those friends and family you entertain can be seen as invading hordes to your dog. All the lovely, butter-filled treats you work so hard to prepare can cause GI upset and pancreatitis in your dog. Those gorgeous decorations you work so hard to hang, can be awfully tempting to a curious canine companion. And all those things you may think of as just trash, can be just the thing to make your dog dumpster dive his way into an emergency trip to the vet. Read more.

Here’s where to SNO-PARK

Wondering where to go to the snow with Rover? Start with a look at the DogTrekker SNO-PARKS page and map identifying just-off-the-highway sites maintained and administered by California State Parks, Caltrans, the U.S Forest Service, California Highway Patrol and various community organizations. Read more.

Visit Dog-friendly Shelter Cove reader Carolina C. loves traveling with her dog and sharing these experiences with others who have similar interests. She created the following video about Shelter Cove, a dog-friendly coastal town in Humboldt County: Thank you, Carolina for sharing this informative video with us! Read more.

Chasing waves with your pup

For water-loving canines, nothing beats fetching a bright yellow tennis ball from the surf and romping full speed ahead on a sandy beach. But while there’s plenty of sand to share with your leashed pup along California’s 840 miles of coastline, you should know before you go where dogs are and aren’t allowed to get their ya-yas out. Here are a few of our favorite off-leash strands: Read more.

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