Top dog-friendly beaches in California

Fort Funston Beach
California is a paradise for both humans and their furry friends. With its sunny beaches, scenic parks, and endless outdoor activities, this state is the perfect destination for a dog-friendly … Continued  Read more.

Who domesticated whom?

We often hear about how humans domesticated dogs, right? But what if we told you that some researchers have found evidence suggesting that it might have been dogs who domesticated … Continued  Read more.

Was Calistoga really founded by a dog?

San Francisco’s Emperor Norton had his dogs Bummer and Lazarus. Calistoga’s Sam Brannan had Leonitus. Archive photo.
The charming Sam Brannan and Leonitus story In the early days of Calistoga, California, a man named Sam Brannan and his loyal Newfoundland dog, Leonitus, embarked on a journey to shape a … Continued  Read more.

Superb spots for splashing

Maya’s splash zone behind Obexer’s. Photo by Dave Kendrick.
Clear, cool waters make Lake Tahoe famous. The destination is also famously friendly for dogs. Furry family members love Coon Street Dog Beach,   Read more.

On- and off-leash exploring

Photo by Greater Palm Springs.
Palm Springs’s picturesque dog parks are a great way to get those zoomies out before spending the afternoon poolside, but more  Read more.

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